• Tuya wire-free smart doorbell
    Powered by tuya Intelligence inside, Wi-Fi, IP65
    Outdoor Smart Doorbell, 100% Wire-Free
    Support voice control, Google Home Assistant, Amazon Echo
  • Tuya 2K wired smart doorbell
    Wired 2K 3MP Wi-Fi smart doorbell
    To deliver the most intuitive and integrated home experience
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Tuya Smart Doorbells/Cameras

We offer a wide range of smart doorbells and security cameras powered by Tuya, they’re compatible with Tuya Smart and Smart Life app. Smart doorbell portfolio includes wired smart doorbell which is the perfect smart doorbell to replace your conventional door chime system; PoE smart doorbell that complies 802.3af standard that can take advantage of Power over Ethernet technology which not only simplifies installation, but also ensuring you have a very stable and maintenance-free system; wire-free smart doorbell which adopts ultra low power consumption hardware design, built-in rechargeable high capacity battery, no wiring and no trenching, installing the doorbell within minutes, the best smart doorbell for Do-it-yourself users.

Product Features

  • Powered by Tuya, compatible Tuya Smart / Smart Life
  • ISO certified factory ensuring high product quality
  • Unique aesthetic product design, durable and fireproof enclosure
  • Up to 166 degree viewing angle to cover super wide area leaving no blind spots
  • Up to 2K resolution crystal clear video nearly noise-free image
  • Working with wireless indoor chimes, never miss visitors even smartphone not connected
  • Day and night video surveillance, smart IR technology to capture clear face of people
  • Smart motion detection, Passive Infrared sensor technology greatly reduce false detection
  • High definition microphone and speaker echo-canceling technology to offer clear 2-way audio intercom
  • Local microSD card video storage and Cloud storage
  • AC8-24V power input or built-in 5000mAH 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Dustproof and weatherproof design to provide high reliability

How Tuya Smart Doorbell Works

Tuya smart doorbell supports Wi-Fi connection can connect to your router and be accessed remotely through smartphone and other smart devices. It has a HD camera to capture clear video when doorbell is pressed or alternatively, when the doorbell detects a visitor with its built-in passive Infrared motion sensor. Tuya smart doorbell works with Tuya smart and smart life app, one app controls everything, can be integrated into home automation system.

Wire-free battery smart doorbell: employing ultra low power consumption hardware design, 18650 rechargeable battery lasts 3-6 months, offering completely wire-free installation, no wiring and trenching, suitable for do-it-yourself installation and hassle-free quick installation.

PoE smart doorbell:supporting both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, Ethernet port features Power over Ethernet, plug & play, reliable wired network connection, nearly maintenance-free, suitable for places where Wi-Fi is unavailable, PoE distance up to 100 meters.

Wired smart doorbell: AC10-24V power input, the perfect smart doorbell for retrofit installation, can easily upgrade your conventional door chime system to smart doorbell system. DC and AC power input, maintenance-free.

Tuya Smart Doorbell FAQ

(l).Devlce works with 2.4GHz Wl-FI only, but not support 5GHz Wl-Fl. (2). WI-Fl network Is not good, try to keep the camera near the Wi-Fi router when setting up. (3). The Wi-Fi password is wrong. Please check lf there are spec la I characters ln the password, or the network is specially encrypted.
Please check the user manual of your Router or call the network operator for help.
You can view the camera from anywhere, If your camera is well connected to the internet.
When the memory card Is full, the camera automatically erase the oldest footage.
It supports SD card recording as wall as cloud storage. You can activate the cloud storage service in App.
Tuya version supports Google Home and Alexa, CloudEdge version does not support Google Home and Alexa
Please check the network connection of your phone and the WI-Fr router. If the network slgnal Is not strong, you may need to move your router closer to the device, or invest in an extender.
Yes, sure. Recording rs triggered by detected motions. You can set up the sensitivity or di sable motion detection In the setting menu.
Battery charger rs not Included. Please charge the batteries with a USB compatible charger{DC5V 1A~2A) for about 8~10 hours.
Yes, you can add more than one device at the same residence.


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